You need quality content to keep your customers informed and engaged with your blog/website and eventually turn them into customers. A content that makes your website stand out in the crowd and out run competition is valuable for any business.  I believe the goal of content isn’t achieved till the time it has not improved the traffic and the readership of your website leading to more business for you.

Hey there, I am Satyendra Pratap Singh, an English graduate with over 5 years of experience in content writing and my goal is to help businesses derive maximum value from their blogs and websites. For this, they need quality content that resonates with target audience and the goals of a company.

Five years ago when I started writing my aim was to impress a reader with the use of high syllables words, complex sentences and flowery language, but soon I found out that writing for web isn’t same as writing a novel or a book. Furthermore, the on-line readers are impatient, they want precise information quickly. If you don’t serve this purpose, you will have tough time gaining and retaining a high traffic for your website.

After observing the behavior of on-line users, I conduct an extensive research on what kind of content works on the Internet. I studied popular websites that get millions of visitors every month and I noticed one common thing in every popular website are their simple language and effective word choice. These businesses know who their customers are and what they want. They have become successful by just meeting the expectations of their visitors.

After learning the traits of trade, I changed my mindset and now instead of impressing a reader with my writing talent, I provide them what they want and they have provided me overwhelming response.

I have worked with several clients on full time and freelance basis since then and they will thoroughly satisfied with the output I have provided with my content.

Apart from writing the fundamental knowledge of digital marketing and SEO have also helped me in crafting SEO friendly and sharable content that reached a huge number of people through social sharing.

I have created this website to reach out people who need quality and SEO friendly content to grow their business. So you can drop me a mail at or call me @ +917289943790 regarding your content requirement.